What is the benefit of Web to Print?

The goal of the EdTA Web to Print (WTP) is to provide an efficient method for EdTA staff, ITO, EdTA board members, and Chapter Directors to purchase correctly branded EdTA print materials. More importantly, it is intended to offer our Chapter Directors the opportunity to buy EdTA-created materials featuring their logos for the first time in our history!

How to I customize materials?

The first step before customizing any materials available on the EdTA Web to Print is to login to the site. Logging in allows you to view the logos designated to your username and password. For example, if you are logging in as a Chapter Director, you will only be able to view the logos of your chapter, as well as EdTA logos.

For EdTA staff members, logos specific to the employee’s department are available for viewing.

Not all materials on the EdTA WTP are customizable. If something can be individualized, “Choose Your Logo” will appear in the item description. After selecting the item, by clicking on the photo or “Details” icon, you will be able to see the product dimensions and minimum quantity requirements, as well as the total price based on the quantity chosen from the dropdown menu.

After choosing your quantity, click on the “Start” button to the right of the quantity dropdown menu. A preview of the item you’re viewing will appear, along with a notice to “Edit Image” on the item logo; this is where you will be able to customize with the logo of your choice.

Those logos you have access to will appear in the “Or Select from an album” dropdown menu at the bottom left-hand side of the page. Once you select the logo that you would like to add to the item, left-click on the logo and drag it to the correct location on the item. The system will resize the item accordingly.

You have the ability to preview the item as a downloadable before adding it to your basket. After adding it to your basket and submitting your billing/shipping addresses and credit card information, you will receive a notice for approval when confirming your order. Following approval, your order will be printed and shipped to the address you provided.

Who are the representatives reviewing my order(s)?

A team of staff members at the Educational Theatre Association have the ability to review and approve all orders through the EdTA WTP. This is merely a layer of protection; representatives review orders to check for errors, including logo pixilation, spelling errors or any other issues. This will enable staff to monitor for duplicate orders or unauthorized purchases.

What if something I’d like isn’t offered on WTP?

We plan to continue to add items to our site as needed. If there is something you would like to see available for purchase, please contact supportservices@schooltheatre.org with your request.

Who is Arnold Printing?

Arnold Printing is a fourth generation, family owned company with a proud heritage and a tradition of excellence. More than that, they are a group of men and women dedicated to quality and excellence with a strong sense of service to customers and each other.

They have been a vendor of the Educational Theatre Association for many years and have always been diligent in assuring our printed materials are of the highest quality and satisfaction.