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Instructions for ordering your marketing kits:

Select the kit you want. If you're ordering for both your men's and women's Giving Teams, order the bundle. If you're only ordering for one team, select the single event kit.

Once you’re on the kit page, click “Start.” You will be prompted to fill out your weekend information. When you submit your information, it will automatically populate to all of the materials in the marketing kit.

Click through the gray tabs at the top of the page to preview each of your marketing materials individually. Confirm that all of your weekend information is correct. There is an option to download a preview which you can send to others via email if you need to share proof files with your team before ordering materials.

Click “Add to Basket.”

Please allow 5-10 business days for your materials to arrive. If you have any questions or issues ordering, please contact the Welcome Team at (859) 980-7887 or

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